Red Mercado y medio ambiente. Propuestas jurídicas para una economía verde.

Lucía Casado Casado

Centre d’Estudis de Dret Ambiental de Tarragona Alcalde Pere Lloret (CEDAT)

Lucía Casado Casado
  • Head Lecturer of Administrative Law at the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the Rovira i Virgili University (Tarragona). She was also a lecturer of Administrative Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where she received special degree and PhD awards. Research coordinator and Head of Projects at the Centre d’Estudis de Dret Ambiental de Tarragona (CEDAT) and member of the Research Group at the Rovira i Virgili University “Territory, Citizenship and Sustainability”, recognised and funded as a Consolidated Research Group by the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • She has a long and well-established research career, endorsed by the advanced research accreditation of AQU Catalunya (2014) and the recognition of two six-year research periods (at CNEAI and AQU). Her research activity has been developed through continued participation in research projects and the development of different thematic lines (Administrative Law; Environmental Law; Local Law; Audiovisual Law, and Immigration, Fundamental Laws and Racial Discrimination). She has focused on the line of Environmental Administrative Law, which has materialised in her participation in various research projects and numerous publications. Among the R&D projects, the most notable are “Environmental law and freedom of services in the internal market: new challenges, transformations and opportunities”, funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (DER2010-19343) in the period 2011-2013, of which she was the main researcher. She is the author of numerous publications, including numerous papers and monographs on environmental law, among which the most notable are Los vertidos en aguas continentales. Las técnicas de intervención administrativa (Comares, 2004), La regulación de los vertidos en aguas continentales en el derecho comunitario. Hacia un enfoque ambiental y global por la protección de las aguas (Cedecs, 2005), Medi ambient i ens locals (Cedecs, 2008, co-authored) and La externalización de las funciones de control e inspección en materia de protección del medio ambiente (Atelier, 2010, co-authored). She has directed different collective works, such as Derecho ambiental y transformaciones de la actividad de las administraciones públicas (Atelier, 2010) and Prestación de servicios, administraciones públicas y derecho administrativo. Especial referencia al derecho ambiental (Tirant lo Blanch, 2013). She has also published more than 20 papers in the most prestigious law journals in the area of Administrative Law in Spain and more than 30 chapters of books, published by prestigious publishers in the legal field.
  • She has supervised two doctoral theses and is currently supervising another. She is a member of the Editorial Board of two legal journals (Actualidad Jurídica Ambiental and Revista Catalana de Dret Ambiental) and of the International Scientific Committee of the Revista Chilena de Derecho y Ciencia Política. She is also a member of the Observatory of Environmental Policies and the Academy of Environmental Law of the IUCN.